Working Title

Working title is all about deconstruction in a wide sense. Reality interfering with perfection.

Martin Forsberg, Jenny Nordberg


Martin Forsberg and the dancers

Set and Costume Design

Jenny Nordberg

Lighting design
MĂ„rten K. Axelsson

Louise Midjord, Esther Lee Wilkinson, Jonathan Chmelensky, Jernej Bizjak

The concept is creating randomness in a theatrical space by equipping the dancers with individual Ipod Shuffle units, and let the shuffle mode decide what will happen. Failure and mistakes are part of a contingent "success".

Working Title is the first research part of a triology concerning reality and representation using an interdisciplinary set-up to question everything. We fear that the result may be counter-productive; watching a ballet dancers sleep without turning in to the Sleeping beauty.

Commissioned by: Cross Connection Ballet