Let's cut, cut through the tissue, down to the bone, beyond the bone, into our motor cortex. What is a human?
Martin Forsberg
Set- and costume design

Isabel Berglund

Lighting design

Mikael Sylvest


Carl Olsson


Markus Lövkvist


Jens Bagger, Jannick Brennum, Krzysztof Tadeusz Drzewiecki


Sophie Augot, Jura Chulkov, Andrea Deres, Disa Krosness, Katya Dushka, David Price

If you ask a plastic sugeon, an orthopedic surgeon, or a neuro surgeon, you will get three good answers. Among these answers: A human is a biological phenomenon. The dancing body is also a biological entity, with articulated intentions, in relation to time and space. If we keep on asking about the body/human while traveling inwards to the single cell or outwards to more grand formations, the question immediately becomes more complex.

The body is human: a sophisticated collection of communicative internal organs that support us. Surrounded by skin, our cover. And this complex structure holds it all: intellect, synapses, blood, intonation, ego.

My choreographic work is regulated by the ties between human bodies, time and spatial contexts.

In this work, STITCH, the dancing body is connected and inspired by a pragmatic science: surgery.