The installation Rabota puts into social context an investigation of the functioning of a human body.
Choreography & Set Design
Martin Forsberg

Maria Bograd, Mayya Vetoshkina, Elena Michailova, Natlaya Kogan, Rita Popolova, Ilya Belenkov, Roman Andreykin, Juri Chulkov, Nikolay Podoshva

Set design
Martin Forsberg
Lighing design
Oleg Tulkonoff
Konstantin Kelepatov
Dimitri Schostakovich and Ryoji Ikeda
Production Coordinator
Daria Koval

This way it reveals the numerous contrasts coexisting in one and the same place, time, and phenomenon. Be it housework or dance – it’s all body functioning. Age, sex, history itself are all investigated through an ordinary body dancing.

Featuring 4 male dancers and 4 Babushkas.

The project was produced in collaboration with Tsekh, Moscow Dance agency.