In the Pretty Boy's Mouth • Year 2013

In the Pretty Boy’s Mouth – an installation with dance as a hub enclosed by a sense-oriented, pulsating universe.

It’s a turn to the left, down a narrow alley, moving opposite from nuclear families and heteronormative hanky-pankytogether-junk. Down the staircase, enter a basement of strangers. Meeting myself in an extreme environment. To let go, to understand and to itch my curiosity. Undressed for the void into an underworld of saunas, darkrooms and liquid desire. House music and sounds of copulation. Nothing is said, still everything is codes of unmoral achievements. Without saying a word, we will tell what we want and what we like, but not who we are. In this world of likeminded men we are only body and therefore flesh. There is no me in this space, no normative, no taboo, no shame. Through that flesh we will carefully spell out our sexuality through winks, postures and signals. Fors Works presents a bold and controversial installation on the notions of explicit male homosexual conduct. Using the dancing body as a vessel to express a hidden struggle of desire and moral.

Photographer: Chrisander Brun

Concept and Choreography:
Martin Forsberg
Pär Andersson, Alexander Carrillo, Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Kristian Pehrsson
Set Design and Costumes:
Simon Holk Witzansky
Lighting Design:
Chrisander Brun
Andycap, Brynfos, Hankat, Menson, Mikkel Holtoug, Rosa Lux

In the Pretty Boy's Mouth Year