An empty space. A group of persons; Dancers and invited members of the audience, enter.

Martin Forsberg, Jenny Nordberg


Martin Forsberg in collaboration with the dancers

Set- and Costume design

Jenny Nordberg

Lighting design

Fredrik Zetterberg


Stacey Aung, Anna Jirmanova, David Nondorf, Javier Perez, Kristian Refslund, Leila Verlinden, Hasse Wallin, Michael Tang Pedersen, 
Helena Lundqvist,
 Jessica Andrenacci
, Maria Ulriksson,
 Rasmus Skaremark-Solberg, 
Jonathan Sikell, Martin Larsson

A Staged Reality. Democracy and order. Closed architecture to emphasize the border between inside and outside/ on stage and off stage/ staged and reality.

With the common project of making a performance, authentic and false relations are constructed. A group is defined by the space they are in and constituted by choreographic rules and orders. The visitors from the audience are equipped with earphones giving them instructions: Stand on all four, take the tall female dancers hand, refuse to help, pretend you are chopping onion.

And then, the second act. New visitors, other dancers and a reversed structure. Events re-occur and 80 square meters of latex falls from the sealing. Still, it's just about following orders and fit in.

The fourth wall is removed.

Photographer: Håkan Larsson