Clusterfuck • Year 2015

Clusterfuck is a proposition of fire, animal, the tension variations of the body, tar, trains and what binds them together, your perception and logic.

The work aim to expire the juxtaposition as a compositional tool. Using a visual theme, black on black, it attempts to evoke sensation in the viewer. Shreds of fragments where the brain programs its own logic and prevails. The depiction in Clusterfuck is rather a decontextualization of unfinished picture.

Premiere April 24 2015 at Göteborgsoperan. Commissioned by Göteborgsoperans Danskompani.

Martin Forsberg
Set and Costume design:
Jenny Nordberg
Light Design:
Mads Nielsen
Janine Koertge
Heather Tellford
Ingeborg Zachariassen
Aviad Herman
Anna Altes
Jérôme Delbey

Clusterfuck Year