A performance about the number “3” and the difficulty of being 4.
Martin Forsberg
Set and Costume design
Pili Abaurrea Andrea Vallescar Kristian Refslund Jan Spotak Irine Ebel Karen Aunsholt Cesar Garcia Eric Ehrnerstedt
J.S. Bach & A Vivaldi

It’s all about what surrounds us and why it’s there. Fact and fiction, real and pretend, very very fast and incredibly slow.

"AB3’s target audience is 6 to 12 year olds, but Martin’s piece is accessible to all ages as it takes its strength from the movement, form and technique."

"The piece shifts between the linear and systematic to the flickering and chaotic. Jenny Nordberg’s set- and dramatic costume design in combination with a “twisted” movement material by Martin Forsberg creates a visually beautiful, melancholic, mysterious and funny performance that challenges the children’s imagination."

Commissioned by Norrdans