UNTZ premiere

UNTZ is an annexing and perfect distortion of your perception.

An attempt to create moments of visibility of time and space.

UNTZ is organic spatial breathing.

In UNTZ, the viewer becomes one in a pulsating Cosmos.

The work originates from notions of techno culture.

Through material studies and pulsating body practice, UNTZ attempts to evoke a tactile performance experience, where the privilege of eye and ear is elevated.

UNTZ is a module work in three parts:

-A performance lecture, starting with historical exposure of techno birth: From Detroit to Berlin. A narrative packed with club kids, drug liberalism and an omni charged presence.
-A choreographic installation/fair for one dancer, working on pulsations, drops and repetition.
Visual tricks attempt to evoke out-of-body experiences.
-A rave, escapism curated by Fors Works in collaboration with local clubs.

Performer: Nastia Ivanova (RUS), Choreographer: Martin Forsberg (SE/DK), Set- and  costume designer: David Gehrt (DK), Sound designer: Mitja Nylund (FI), Light designer: Kim Glud (DK)

Catch UNTZ at Aarhus Teater January 17 - February 16, KU.BE in Frederiksberg February 20-23. 


UNTZ is made in collaboration with Aarhus Theatre with support from Statens Kunstfond, Dansehallerne & Norrlandsoperan.