ULTRA - Teaser 2

On stage are ten white men dressed in functional clothing. They are dancing in synchrony while they go through conflicting feelings about the total surrender to the group.
They have to stay in motion to be in synchrony. The men are constantly striving to do the exact same thing at the same time. And there is no room for chance or diversity. As a group they have to bring support, on going movement and resistance.
There is a force in ULTRA. The ultra-synchronous is so synchronous that it goes beyond the human possible. Where man/human would be mechanical. ULTRA is beyond what we already know.
The synchronous body is apprehended as less human, because acting humanly you are bound to make mistakes. ULTRA raises the question if there is a real possibility of a “together” in unity. Uni means one but to be one with others is physically impossible. Where is the individual left in the unity with others?
Video by Carl Olsson.