Queer in Bologna!

A hectic weekend filled with meetings and encounters of various expressions. Gender Bender ( festival is an annual festival celebrating the diversity and queer of Contemporary dance, art, music and film. Roberto Casarotto curates the dance section and Daniele Del Pozzo directs the whole festival with awesomeness.

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on the ongoing workshop project 'performing gender' (, #performinggender), where some young and uprising European choreographers are dealing with gender thematic in performing arts. The amazing Peggy Olislaegers led the workshop: twisting and twirling notions, somersaulting complexities and turning the workshop into a well-informed practice. Liberating how someone calls on Judith Butler in the same breath as Beyonce.

Another highlight was the showing of two local Bolognese folk dancers. Performing a rare same sex dance form with old roots. 

And then we saw a performance or two, networked, had way too much cheese and wine, danced our legs off to some Berghain beat and bought jewelry for our well-earned per diems. We are utterly psyched up to perform Pretty Boy in the 2014 edition of Gender Bender.