Metaphorical Hands *PREMIERE*

Fors Works (DK) and Goblin Party (S.Korea) are making a co production.

The work 'Metaphorical hands' concludes 1,5 years of collaboration where the two companies have shared and developed their methods. Metaphorical hands premiere at MODAFE-International Modern Dance Festival in Seoul, Arko Arts Center, May 26 at 8pm. The piece will come to Scandinavia in spring 2018 and are on the market for further touring. Please contact Fors Works producer, Marie Schulz, for further information.

Metaphorical Hands draws the attention to the phenomenon of the 10 limbs growing out of our palm. Hands as vessels of history, social conduct and communication tools. Ambiguous yet direct, hands exists prior to language: Hinting, signing, exploring, touching, connecting.

Metaphorical Hands are co-produced with MODAFE and supported by the Danish Arts Council and Augustinus Fonden.