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Hey all!

We haven't been that exceptional on updating our news section here. Sorry for that. We have been busy; dancing, planning, reading, talking and meeting.


Martin and Marie just got back from Reykjavik and a productive and inspiring couple of days at the small but lovely Reykjavik Dance Festival, filled with performances, parties, networking and meetings.

This was our favorite moment:

Note to self: Bring long johns and drink more Opal next time.


The fall is packed. Martin is preparing for a new creation at Skånes Dansteater together with set designer Jenny Nordberg and lighting designer Chrisander Brun, opening April 2014. More on that later.


Martin is collaborating with Malmö based hip-hop group Moonwalkers to create a little something for the festival Arv i rörelse (Moving heritage). Skånes Dansteater arranges the festival.

Find out more HERE


Due to the crack down on gay rights in Russia, combined with our strong connection to the country we are planning something…we can't tell it yet…but assuredly urgent.


And then Comic Sans, our next production is in pre-production. There will be an audition early 2014 (more will come later), we are writing applications, meeting collaborators, writing passive aggressive e-mails using comic sans (the font) and making decisions.

More info will follow.


If you want to experience some choreography made by Martin, save these dates:

October 10 - Polskans Historia i Sverige at Skånes Dansteater's festival Moving heritage.


Tickets HERE


November 1 - Doppelgänger (regionteater Väst version) at Dansstationen in Malmö. Then the production tours the west coast of Sweden in November and December.

Info and tickets HERE