Audition for Comic Sans

Fors Works are looking for one female dancer for the production Comic Sans.

Comic Sans is one of the worlds most popular fonts. Loved by the general public and hated by most graphic designers. It holds connotations of folksiness, informality and often a passive aggressive tone.

The project Comic Sans deals with the idea of good and bad taste as a social phenomenon. It is a project that wants to investigate consumer values in relation to aesthetic and performing arts. Using contemporary dance as vessel to explore how the body is effected by bad taste.

We are looking for one female dancer with strong artistic qualities and a solid technique to match our cast of 3 performers. An interest to work in process, with text and various artistic expression would be appreciated.

Period of employment: August 11th to October 5th, 2014 in Copenhagen.

The audition will be held in Copenhagen in mid February 2014 (1 day). The audition is by invitation only and will consist of a workshop with members of the cast.

Send your Photo + CV with links to samples (if available) to

Application deadline: January 6th 2014