Fors Works is an independent dance project / company based on the choreographic work of Martin Forsberg. Fors Works is based in Copenhagen and performing all over the world with the overall aim to bring dance to a glocal scene. The main focus is works for stage but Fors Works also does interdisciplinary work, installations, theoretical research, and teaching.

The essence of dancing according to Forsberg is a physical work seemingly articulated through bodies placed in time and space, stained with social-coded awareness and gently flavored with conceptualism. 

The work of Forsberg is seldom just one thing. It is not even always possible to categorize it as dancing – it is danced-based but often in a non-dance context and always clad in. A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring, which I enjoy with my whole heart..

In the wake of post-modernism Fors Works is trying to define a hypermodernism. From the knowledge of choreography as a system of time and space the inception is stretched beyond and questioned as a tradition of the same system. The works are made with intelligence, shivering presence and always pushing the dancer to an extreme. Communication, freedom and disobedience are all solid corner stones in Fors Works concept. 

A Fors Works artwork is an ongoing metamorphosis, forever restating existence; it is a living, complex, breathing experience – messy like life itself.