Collaborator - Set designer

Simon Holk Witzansky

Graduated as set-designer from Statens Teaterskole in 2006. Since then he has been making productions at Odense Teater, Plan-B, Mammut Teatret, Mungo Park and Ålborg Teater.

He has also been making designs for the Restaurant Mielcke&Hurtigkarl, HAVE PR, KBH´s Kommune and Jesper Høvring AW13 show (CPH Fashion Week). Simon has been Dj'ing since 1998 at numerous venues such as: KB3, Culture Box, VEGA and Nimb. Other prestige job's has been making music for: Vivienne Westwood, HUMMEL, Elisabeth Arden, Helena Christensen, Jean//Phillip and DANSK. Resident dj at: HomoElectric, LêLê na Hang and TS Bar.

Simon is doing the set-design, costumes and sound for "In the Pretty Boy's Mouth".